Tuesday, 30 June 2020

An Interview with LA, singer, songwriter, owner of Bonewax Records and all round Good Guy.

I was lucky enough to chat with elay the award-winning singer and musician from Birmingham, UK about his music career and what he’s working on now.
Elay suffered a stroke, which he is recovering from and part of that recovery is getting back to what he loves, making music.
He’s currently working on a new album and is back enjoying being in the studio. He’s set up his own record label Bone Wax Records and is ready to take on the world with his music again.

So elay, thank you for chatting with me.

So, what drew you to the music industry?
Music was always around me. Musical sounds were always in my parents’ house bigtime. It got into my system. 

What was it like growing up with musical family?
My father owned his own band (The Endeavour Band) They played right across the UK. From pubs to clubs. Through my father. I joined the band as a drummer.  I was 14 years old. It was an amazing musical insight for me.  In my father’s band were elder statesmen. So, I learned so much. Most weekends. The band played everywhere. Most times, playing two shows a night. This could be a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Performing at one venue finishing at 10:30pm and then starting at another venue performing at 12 midnight. As someone so young. This was a massive adventure. 

What was your first instrument?
Drums. Loved the sound the beats you can make

Who are you inspired by?
I love everything. If it moves, I funk it 

Elay, you’re recording a new album, so what makes a good studio session?
First the studio & studio Environment. Cool producer and an
excellent drum sound.

Where was the first studio you played in?
I played in Bob Lamb studio in Birmingham UK. With a Jazz fusion band from Birmingham named Medium Wave. 

You’ve recording now, but which studio did you enjoy playing in most?
Hard question. I recorded in loads of studios. From UK, Europe to USA. 
There was one what always blows me away, studio in New Jersey USA called ‘The Living Room’ The Studio was built to look like a real living room. Lamp shades Fireplaces, settees. You could live there. 
The one that really blew me away is a studio named ‘Magic Garden’ I worked with the owner of the studio. The great producer Gavin Monaghan. We was amazed by each other’s ability. 

What is your favourite part of recording a song?
I love all. Given the question. I love a banging chorus 

What makes a good song?
A good Structured composition that everyone can lock in to.
Create space. Less notes. Let the song breve 

Growing up in Birmingham, what are your fondest musical memories?
Been in the UK growing up listening to, too many styles of music Rock, pop, dance, R+B, jazz indie & more. Networking was personal & better. You could link up with loads of musicians in an Instant. 

Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?
Yes. Now you’re talking. In Birmingham UK. Every weekend I used to go to a record store called ‘Reddingtons Rare Records’ Ace Store for old, new & Odd sounding records. 
Used to tape record the top 40 on radio one.

Do you have any tips for writing a good song?
Start off with what comes naturally.  Humming a tune. Coming up with a beat. When building a tune. Record it. Play to Radom people’s & people’s you know. Watch their reactions. Take on board some comments. 

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Don’t. I travelled a complicated musical life. Go the X Factors root. It’s faster.  
I say. Learn your art. Treat this as business music, not music business! Love your music but take care of business. 

So Elay, you’re in the studio recording when are we going to hear the new material?
Because of the coronavirus. There a massive change in all our life’s right now.  We just pray all will be ok with everyone. Keep an eye out on the bone wax records & eLAY websites.  

Elay, it’s been a pleasure talking with you and finding out a little more about what you’re doing now.

For all you music fans out there check out Elay’s website www.bonewaxrecords.com to find out more about what he’s doing and when.